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Bruce Mallett, the founder of Bruce Mallett Construction, which would be later known as Mallett Construction, was born on July 25th, 1938 in Atco, New Jersey.

Always a hard worker, he started his business career at 8 years-old, selling snow cones on the corner of Center and Broad Street in Woodbury, New Jersey. In the 1950’s, Bruce served as a jet mechanic in the Marine Corps.

Interestingly enough, when Bruce was looking for his first job out of the military, he came across an advertisement in the newspaper. Figuring he could put his skills he learned in the service to use, his original plan was to look for a mechanic position. He picked out a company with a “help wanted” ad, but when he arrived on the first day, he realized he had made a mistake.

Bruce, growing up with not much to his name, could not believe how well his first boss paid him. Bruce famously once told him, “if you pay me $100 a week, I’ll work for you the rest of my life.” It’s fortunate for the growth of our business that Bruce’s boss let him off the hook for that one!

After a few years on the job, he decided to start a business of his own.

In 1959, Bruce Mallett Construction was created. In the past six decades, the company has serviced almost every town in South Jersey from the coastline of Avalon, to the quiet farms of Salem, to the densely populated town of Hammonton.

Although there is no way to accurately prove this, we would contend that there is no other roofer in the entire country that has physically completed more roofs himself than Bruce Mallett. Many owners oversee the job, complete estimates, purchase supplies, and coordinate the effort, but we’d argue that you’d be hard pressed to find someone who has actually nailed shingles on a daily basis from their early twenties through to their eighties. Along with, someone who has completed more roofs per day during that same time period. It is a true testament to his tenacity and grit.

Over the years, Bruce’s values and our dedication to providing the highest quality roofs, at the lowest possible price has remained. Bruce enjoys fishing, Reese’s cups, and nothing more than getting a new pair of blue jeans for Christmas, or his birthday. He attends every one of his grandchildren’s activities and has seen tens if not hundreds of recitals, theater shows, baseball, and hockey games. He is the ultimate, go about your own business, put your head down and grind, proud patriotic American that achieved the American dream of small-business ownership. Bruce serves as the motivation for everything we do today and we are proud of everything he has built and accomplished.

Thank you, Pop-Pop Butch!
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